About Us

Jonathan Marcantoni has a B.A. in Hispanic Literature and History from the University of Tampa. He has five years editing and writing experience on The Bleepin Truth, Tampa Bay Sun and with such authors as Madeline Hatter and Dr. Boyce Watkins. Preferred genres are crime, historical fiction, and literary fiction. He is particularly interested in Puerto Rican culture and topics. He currently works as an editor for Savant Books and Publications. 

His editing credetials include: 
Lookin' in the Mirror by Madeline Hatter (released June 2009)
Kanaka Blues by Mike Farris (anticipated June 2010 release)
Poor Rich by Jean Blasiar (anticipated July 2010 release)
Perilous Panacea by Ronald Klueh (anticipated fall 2010 release)
Multiple Intelligences by Zachary Oliver, Ph.D (anticipated December 2010 release) 

His writing credentials include:

Head writer, The Bleepin Truth, 2007-2008
Food critic, Tampa Bay Sun, 2007
Author of The Revolutionary, featured in the anthology The Shortcut, released 2006
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